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I reached out to Stanley asking for help with a customized team building program for our Senior Leadership Team as well as our Regional Sales Managers. I was very impressed with the process from start to finish. Stanley did an excellent job of taking a great deal of time upfront to clearly understand the goals and objectives for our workshop. He had numerous calls with the meeting participants, as well as myself, to have a clear understanding of where individuals stood on multiple topics. This helped Stanley to quickly uncover current areas of strength as well as areas of opportunity amongst our leadership team. He did an excellent job of presenting the customized program and explaining the ‘why’ behind it. Stanley exceeded my expectations. He more than succeeded in accomplishing the task at hand. Our team was brought ot an entirely different level as a direct result of the program Stanley put together. I found him to be extremely professional, polite, focused and hard working from beginning to end. I look forward to utilizing Stanley in the future and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to facilitate change and growth within an organization.


Lisa Provenzano
National Director of Training Development